Wednesday, March 23, 2011


words by G.M. Entero Jr., music by S. Nuñez and G.M. Entero Jr.
Rochelle by Happy Days
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Come, ‘long the sidewalk I’ve been waiting for your call, it was so cold
Calmed, by the ashes that keep fallin’ way too close, I smoked and paused

*Moderation, my frustration, leave me here and suffer
I do felt something new…. by the way you look at me

Come, may the grace that keeps on waiving, near me please, I beg to bleed
Calmed, through the times that I will never loose your hope… still I don’t know

Repeat *

One time, the girls in the park said something to believe in
What’s that? How’s that? Please say it in one phrase
May those words hit me again…

(guitar solo)
Repeat *

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